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International gold prices rose over 13% in 2023. 2024 Gold prices still have a chance to reach a new high

The European Union intends to transfer 15 billion profits generated by Russian assets to Ukraine, but there is riskThe situation of Russia and Ukraine mutations!Russia opens permanent peace conditions, Zelei is ushered in the last chanceThe key base of the Ukrainian army, "Russia's flag rises"

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Sudan quickly supports the army with the Sudan political group signed a declaration

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Indian stock market frequency innovation high QDII fund has doubled performanceIn 1913, India won the first Nobel Prize. In a hundred years, what is the number now?

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Indian beauty reporters reported on the plateau on the plateau to report the new hot portrait in the Indian army T-72 tankDo you still buy the third brother manufacturing? Apple will transfer 25%production capacity to India

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In 1913, India won the first Nobel Prize. In a hundred years, what is the number now?The IP image of Hangzhou ecological environment wins it!Russian exchange students also come to participate

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The key base of the Ukraine is promoted to the Russian flagThe original U.S. military will appear on the Russian and Ukraine battlefield?Austin has detonated public opinion, Russia is not good

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G7 new ban, let India find a business scripture, turn on a green light for Russian diamonds, and help China again

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The Russian Federal Taxation Bureau was invaded by Ukraine, the database and copy were emptied, and it would be paralyzed for a month

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India is fifth in the world, and recognizing this fact is very important to us

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Foxconn created iPhone in India: Except for labor, everything is expensive


India wants to build a ultra -high -end tram, Jia Yueting calls this way straight

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The Russian Su-35S fighter destroy the Ukrainian radar station, showing a powerful air defense suppression ability

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    In the 33rd century: Aegean Civilization is prosperous, the ancient Indian civilization was formed, and a civilized well sprayed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River

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